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... creating fine hand-crafted Umbrellas
in Australia from the finest European
Fabrics & Frames

Mora Igra Umbrellas were born in the heart of Europe at the beginning of the century.
Their design, quality and beauty captured the world as they spread to Canada, Sweden and Australia.
The company commenced trading in Australia in 1948 under the name of the original owner 'Igra Co.' Production has continued since then and now trades as 'Mora-Igra Umbrellas' still maintaining the quality and beauty of the original creations.
Using only the finest materials from Europe, Mora-Igra boasts an enormous variety of ladies, gents, and children's umbrellas in standard and collapsible designs.
Mora-Igra umbrellas are hand-crafted with individual selections of cloth, frame and handles available to the customer.
Mora-Igra Umbrellas are only available at the factory in Brendale on the Northside of Brisbane and are truely a unique fashion accessory, hand-crafted to the customers request.

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Alicia Mora-Hyde  
 so many cloths . . . so many materials . . . so many colours